Finally! We have 100% working Minecraft version for PS2 console

This is the only one official release. You can download it below. File contains all needed files and easy tutorial how to run Minecraft on Play Station 2!
I tested it on my PS2 console and I can ensure you, that everything is working fine! If you want to see how it looks, check video below.


1. Click "DOWNLOAD" button
2. Select "Download Now"
3. Complete one of surveys - it`s easy and takes only 30 seconds!
4. After this file downloading will start automatically
5. Open downloaded file!
Step by step tutorial is inside the .rar file. Everyone can understand this - even if it`s your first game on your Play Station 3! ;) Be sure, that you unpacked all of your files, because step 5 is very important!


Some comments from our users:
"thx man, finally someone shared working version of Minecraft for PS3 :)"

"works perfect! thx! xd"

"rainy day and minecraft on my ps3"

"a few minutes ago I installed this on my PS3 and what can i say? one word - AWESOME!!!!!"

"after first install I had trouble with resolution but I restarted my PS3 console and everything is OK - thaaaaaaaaaaank you :D"

  "OMG, thaank you :D everything works on my console :D"

  "FINALLY!!!!! i was waiting for Minecraft so long! after installing this on my console i will waste another night xD"

"wow, the best game on my PS3!!!!"

  "LOL, because of this game and my PS3 i`m late again for my work! but thank you for sharing xD"

"this game is better on PS3 than on PC, everything works OK, I recommend :-)"

  "it`s my first game on my PS3 and WOOOOW, your tutorial is really easy and everyone can understand this :)"
  "what can I say? awesome game and finally I found working version for PS3..."

  and many, many more :)